Dechra is underweight in geographical diversity compared to the wider market

Note: figures shown on this page are for the 2017 calendar year, unless otherwise indicated.

As at 31 December 2017

* Vetnosis: Review 2017.

As at 30 June 2018

Market Share

As at December 2017

There are very few international businesses in our market, five of which are dominant. Dechra's objective is to continue to outperform the market, and therefore increase market share, through the execution of its strategy.

Sustainable Market Dynamics

Continuing Growth in FAP and CAP Markets

Animal health globally is generally described as comprising two segments: Food producing Animal Products (FAP) and Companion Animal Products (CAP). FAP continues to show global growth due to an increased demand for high quality protein production, whereas CAP growth (a sector in which horses are generally included) is driven by the pet owners' compassion for their animals, improved nutrition and a wider range of medical products and treatments.

Companion Animal Products (CAP)

  • Pet spending growing
  • Pet ownership increasing in developing countries
  • Increasing demand for new premium treatments and medicines
  • Generics do not devalue markets to the extent that generics do for human products
  • Some pricing pressure from consolidating practice groups

Food producing Animal Products (FAP)

  • Increased world demand for high quality animal protein and dairy products (7 billion people consume animal protein)
  • Demand for healthier and more productive animals
  • Increased use of vaccines
  • Increased focus on animal welfare
  • Pricing pressure from professional farming groups

Forward-Looking Statements

This document contains certain forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements reflect the knowledge and information available to the Company during preparation and up to the publication of this document. By their very nature, these statements depend upon circumstances and relate to events that may occur in the future and thereby involve a degree of uncertainty. Therefore, nothing in this document should be construed as a profit forecast by the Company.